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About us ...

Medical Information Centre (MIC) is the official center for introducing medical electronic services for the undergraduate students, postgraduate researchers & staff members of Ain Shams College of Medicine.

It started its activities in 1991, under guidance of Prof. Dr. Salah Eid, the dean of the college and supervision of Dr. M. Abdel-Bary & Dr. Alaa Solaiman (lecturer in the pharmacology dpt.laterly).

It was officially inaugurated in 1995. in the attendance of their excellencies, Hussein Kamel Bahaa el-Din (Minister of higher education) , Maher Mahran (Minister of Health) and Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Hafez (Ain Shams University President).

Now, it extended its services to all medical students & staff in all the Egyptian medical schools

The inauguration

The managers

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